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Language analysis practice #1!

Can you find the main arguments in the below article? GP rebate: What I do for the $37.05 that no one wants to pay Photo: Greg Newington, from The Sydney Morning Herald

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So you’re studying multi-modal texts?


Envy vs Jealous

I was asked to clarify this a week or two ago, so I thought I'd make a video.  

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Word of the week: fanatic

From Oxford Dictionaries: A person filled with excessive and single-minded zeal, especially for an extreme religious or political cause: In everyday speech, 'fanatic' can be replaced with 'crazy about' or 'fan' or another term to describe a person who is outrageously passionate about something. While this is usually acceptable in casual conversation, it is important to note… Continue reading Word of the week: fanatic

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How to revise for your English/EAL exam

The English/EAL exam is always a bit tricky to prepare for because, well, how to you study a skill?  My answer to that is this: you don't. You practise a skill. That is, you repeat an action until you can do it perfectly. And then you repeat that perfect action another million times.  This means… Continue reading How to revise for your English/EAL exam

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Analysing a Visual

Note: This is a post from a series of scheduled posts while I'm away. Many students don't feel confident in analysing the visual in the text they get. Below is some general advice for students who struggle with knowing how to write about them:  Describe the specific part of the picture that you want to… Continue reading Analysing a Visual

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Editing: long sentences

Note: This is a post from a series of scheduled posts while I'm away for a few weeks. In this video, I edit a super duper long sentence. Please note that the use of low camera angle is wrong, but I'm just editing for length so I left that alone.  I hope that was helpful! … Continue reading Editing: long sentences