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How to tackle an ability roadblock

So you’ve figured out that there are gaps in your student’s content knowledge or skill base. What do you do now?

Differentiating between a mental roadblock and an ability roadblock

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First, you’ll need to determine if it is a matter of content knowledge or a matter of skill and practice.

Knowledge is whether a student knows something, skill is the degree of proficiency at completing an activity.

Either way, you will need to scaffold carefully! I talked about scaffolding in my last newsletter, but here’s a quick refresher: scaffolding is the practice of teaching a skill through highly structured activities so that the student is not asked to do something beyond their ability

Try these scaffolding ideas for content/knowledge roadblocks:

  • write a list of unknowns and find the answers together 
  • create a table with characters for each row, and themes for each column, then find a page of quotes and assign them to the table 
  • mix and match theme words with their definitions 
  • create flashcards together for characters and themes 
  • have a pre-made timeline and fill in the plot events together 

Try these scaffolding ideas for skills/practice roadblocks:

  • use sentence stems to finish sentences 
  • give the student sentences to rewrite into their own words 
  • write the topic sentence for the student to continue 
  • mix and match topic sentences with evidence sentences 
  • highlight analytical verbs and apply them in the student’s sentence

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