Argument analysis, VCE English

VCE English Exam Section C: Argument Analysis

The VCE English exam is probably one of the toughest exams out of all the VCE subject exams. Split into 3 essays, it is a HUGE 3 hours!

If you have a teen who is doing VCE English 3/4 (aka Year 12 English) in 2022 or 2023, here’s the breakdown of Section C of the dreaded exam.

Looking for Section B?

Or Section A?

What is it? 

  • An essay analysing the arguments and mechanics of persuasion in an unseen article 

What’s so hard about it? 

  • The article has not been seen before, so it can’t be studied 
  • The issue is unknown before the exam, so it can be very unfamiliar to some students 
  • The components of the article are unknown – students don’t know if it will consist of multiple pieces or just one, or how many visual elements there will be

What can we do to help our teens? 

  • Familiarise them with a range of issues so they feel prepared to read about unfamiliar issues 
  • Discuss multiple viewpoints on issues so that it’s easier for them to understand there are always various viewpoints at stake 
  • Dissect with them the feelings and thoughts elicited by each persuasive technique or device – why exactly does it make us feel or think in certain ways? What purpose do these feelings or thoughts achieve? 

Too overwhelmed to help your teen? Contact us today and let’s chat about how we can help!

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