Selective schools exam

Selective schools/accelerated program exam: creative writing

Is your teen sitting the selective school exam? Are they aiming get into Nossal, MacRob, Melbourne High, or Suzanne Cory? Perhaps your teen is working towards the SEAL or ALPHA (or other accelerated high school) program?

Creative writing is a key component of the these exams because of its ability to differentiate between strong writers and less confident ones.

The task usually consists of one or two visuals (eg. a photograph), sometimes accompanied by a quote, then instructions for what to write. These instructions will ask the student to write a particular kind of piece, which the student must follow.

Tips for tackling the creative prompt in the selective schools exam:

  • familiarise your student with the different genres of writing
  • introduce your student to different ways of creating atmosphere through vocabulary
  • expose your student to various scenarios that could create narrative interest

Looking for creative prompts to help your student sit the selective schools entry exam? We have a pack of 5 creative prompts here to help!