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My teen is not improving!

You’ve spent weeks with your Year 12 or Year 11, trying to teach them TEEL, modelling topic sentences, modelling how to paraphrase quotes, but they’re getting nowhere!

It’s so frustrating when our teens just don’t seem to get it, but let’s stay in control of our emotions! Let’s approach the this roadblock calmly and rationally…

Diagnose the roadblock

Imagine your car breaks down suddenly, the first thing you would do is call roadside assist, right? You would expect them to come and take a look at what’s going on, and see what the problem is, and then how to fix it. The same thing needs to happen here – what has broken down in your teen’s English studies?

Mental roadblock or Ability roadblock?

  • Mental roadblock: is your teen overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task? Are they struggling with confidence and therefore won’t try? Are they struggling to organise themselves to do the work? Are they super stressed out and cannot cope with the scale of the subject?
  • Ability roadblock: Do they lack the knowledge to complete a task? Do they lack practice? Do they lack experience in this area? Do they lack the information to complete a task?

Like everything in life, often there are no black and white answers, and it will be a blend of the two. Even so, see if you can determine if one area is a greater need than the other 

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