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2 Things your teen MUST do in Term 1!

It’s Term 1! Is your teen ready?

Haven’t read their texts? Done nothing over the summer?

It’s ok, there’s still time

1. Read chapter summaries

It’s really hard to follow along in class if the student know ZERO things about their text. Help them read some summaries now so they can at least follow along in class!

Read the text after the summaries, and I promise, it’ll be worth it in the end!

2. Get organised

Is your teen a click-through-a-million-folders kind of person, or are they more of a search-bar-function kind of person?

The answer to this question is important because let’s face it, they only need information when it’s crunch time, right? So let’s think about how they’re most likely going to look for information when the time comes.

If they are a folders kind of person, help them create all the folders and sub-folders they need now, BEFORE they need them! That way, it’ll be easier to shuffle documents and files into the folders when they get them, rather than have them disappear into a pile.

If they are a search-bar kind of person, label all your documents with hashtags, sticky notes, pins, labels, or whatever their software has, so it’s easier to find all the things they need.

Tip: use multiple search words, eg ‘achillesquotes’ rather than just ‘achilles’ because it WILL be hard to sift through all the non-quote things!

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