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What is an essay and how can we help our teens?

It’s been years since I’ve even thought about an essay. How can I help my teen write good VCE English essays?

Many parents

We know that VCE English is important, we know that essay writing is really important to VCE English, but what can we do to help our teen?

First, it’s helpful to know what an essay IS:

In a high school English subject, an essay is a sustained piece of writing that demonstrates the student’s interpretation of a text. But what does this mean?!

If you’re not an English teacher, you’re probably asking, huh

Let’s break down some of these terms, or ‘metalanguage’:

sustained piece of writing‘ – writing that states the student’s opinion, provides evidence that supports it and explains how the opinion is proven through the offered evidence. 

student’s interpretation‘ – the student’s educated opinion 

text‘ – any piece of communication, including all media (eg written, drawn, filmed, etc) 

Ta-da! I hope that was helpful!

Now that you know what an English essay is, what are English teachers looking for specifically?

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