English vocab: invade/evade

The words 'invade' and 'evade' can be confusing for some students. Today, we will look at their definitions.  INVADE To 'invade' means to go inside something or somewhere without permission. 'Invading' is usually done so something or someone can take over the thing or place they have 'invaded'. For this reason, 'invade' never means anything… Continue reading English vocab: invade/evade

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My #1 English vocabulary rule

As students move up the years in high school, they are expected to use more and more complex vocabulary, but this leads to a pet peeve of mine: inappropriate/incorrect vocabulary.  Essays that use incorrect or inappropriate language frustrate me because:  you're using the wrong word, I don't understand what you're trying to say, I think you can write… Continue reading My #1 English vocabulary rule


English grammar: simple vs. perfect past tense

Today, I'll explain when to use SIMPLE PAST TENSE and PERFECT PAST TENSE. First of all, what are they?  We use past tenses to talk about things that have happened in the past, so we can only change the tense of a verb. Below are some examples: Root verb - simple past - perfect past run  … Continue reading English grammar: simple vs. perfect past tense