Now offering English Language tutoring!

That’s right! After a long break from this subject, I have finally found linguists that I trust and am confident in working with our students!

If you have a teen studying VCE English Language, contact us NOW in order to secure our tutors because spots are limited!

What is the difference between VCE English and VCE English Language?

VCE English and VCE EAL are much closer to VCE Literature in many regards. All 3 subjects study texts and the way creators of texts create meaning and ideas through the use of artistic mechanisms. The focus across each subject is different, but ultimately all 3 subjects ask their students to demonstrate the ability to deconstruct what an author is doing and to develop a personal, sustained interpretation of the text.

VCE English Language, however, is a totally different subject because it is inherently a study of English as a system of language and communication. It is really looking at how the subsystems of language come together to create coherent and cohesive discourse. It is essentially linguistics, which is a scientific study of language.

Which brings me to…

Why is it so hard to find an English Language tutor?

Simply put, there are not many linguists around! The number of English Language teachers is still quite small when compared to other English subjects, and these teachers are already working overtime constantly at their school jobs, with not much energy left to take on tutoring students.

I personally have not found many VCE English Language graduates I can trust with our students. Many graduates of the subject do not satisfy my requirements for empathy or patience, even though they have achieved very impressive scores in their studies.

But that has all changed now! Contact us ASAP and don’t miss out!

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