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Helpful vocabulary for the comparative essay

Here are some handy vocabulary for you to practice with your teen when writing those comparative essays!

Please note that some of these will sound more informal than others even though they are easier to use. Ultimately, we want our teens to achieve a formal tone in their essays, but sometimes, when our teens are struggling with analysis, it is helpful to give our teens that leeway to focus on the content of their writing before focussing on the expression (eg formality).

  • Similarly
  • Likewise
  • Also
  • Too
  • As
  • Just as
  • Similar to
  • Not only…but also
  • However
  • Nevertheless
  • Nonetheless
  • Still
  • Although
  • Even though
  • Despite
  • In spite of
  • In contrast
  • In comparison
  • While
  • Whereas
  • Though

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