VCE English

NEW study design for VCE English

If you are studying Units 1 & 2 VCE English next year (aka Year 11 English), or your teen is going to, here are the changes you’ll need to know!

What is being dropped?

  • The comparative essay
  • The creative response

What’s being added?

  • A personal essay in response to a text 
  • A more general writing task exploring a ‘framework’ of ideas, using a particular genre to achieve a specific purpose, targeted to a select audience
  • The argument analysis task now includes an audio or audio visual text

What does that mean??

  • Students will now have to ‘make personal connections’ to a text – this means a more reflective approach, requiring the student to demonstrate a personal connection between their lives/experiences to the ideas and themes in the text
  • Students will also have to learn a wider range of text genres, and demonstrate an ability to craft these texts for specific aims and audiences
  • Students will now have to analyse the delivery and persuasion of spoken texts (eg podcasts, interviews, debates) and audio-visual texts (eg tv segments, youtube videos, video ads)

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