Reviewing a The Golden Age SOI

Here is a student draft of a statement of intention. Watch the video for the review!

(Here is the creative draft)

The creative I wrote was from Sullivan’s point of view after he died. The main theme explored in my creative was freedom and loneliness. Through Sullivan, I wanted to show that even after death he felt lonely because he didn’t have anyone nor communicate with anyone alive. The theme of loneliness was shown when Sullivan’s dad had come to visit his body and when Sullivan tried to talk, was ignored twice as his dad was unable to hear him. Franks loneliness is shown next by stating that his parents wouldn’t visit him however, freedom is also shown when Elsa and Frank are together just before thy are caught. Likewise, Elsa is also shown to be feeling loneliness by demonstrating that Elsa is physically there with the group of girls but not mentally. Like Frank, Elsa found happiness and somewhat free when she is with Frank. The theme of loneliness is widely used throughout The Golden Age by London, she also shows a sense of freedom when her characters are doing what they love, so Frank and Sullivan found freedom through poetry and Elsa found freedom by caring for others.

 Throughout my creative I have tried to use London’s style of using tricolon’s. Some examples of tricolon’s from my creative would be ‘glowing yellow figure’ and ‘glimmering white light.’ Both of these have a common symbolism of light, as this is a repeated symbolism used by London along with darkness in her book.