Feedback for FRANKENSTEIN statement of intention

Here is my feedback for this past student’s Statement of Intention for their VCE Creative SAC.

Draft is below:

I chose to write in the form of a journal from the creature’s point of view, reflecting on several experiences previously in the story. The main genre I chose was science fiction/horror, however to fully encompass the feelings of the creature, aspects of tragedy must also be considered, with the creature’s potential being lost due to the prejudice of human society. I wanted to explore the creature’s feelings as represented by him not Victor, allowing a deeper insight into the creature’s feelings about the human society as a whole (voice to the voiceless, no one listens to the creature because of prejudice, Walton is more accepting of the creature then victor, victors retelling lacking empathy for the creature, Walton’s retelling more sympathetic). This would allow an easy introduction of a genre of tragedy in conjunction with the two main genres of the story itself. I also wanted to use the image of the moon and from the point of view of the creature it would cast a different light upon the image. I used the image of mountains or rocky mountain face to give the impression of a being that was not human watching over Victor, adding dramatic effect and also addressing the idea of the creature’s un-human attributes.

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