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So you didn’t do well in your SAC?

Failed test
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It sucks. 

You’ve put in work and effort and you didn’t deserve the terrible mark you got. 

It’s tempting to ignore it because it makes you feel sad, disappointed and angry. As comfortable as doing this may be, I would like to suggest that you try something else: talk to your teacher about it.  

Your teacher is in the best place to tell you what went wrong. After all, s/he’s the one who taught your classes, marked your SAC and will continue teaching you. 

Try asking your teacher the following questions: 

  • Can you explain how I lost marks in this paragraph? 
  • How can I write this sentence better? 
  • What ideas am I missing from this analysis? 
  • What should I focus on to improve for the next SAC? 

You’ll notice all these questions are very specific. Don’t just ask general, fluffy questions; you will get general advice if you ask general questions. Ask specific questions about your SAC and your teacher will give you specific ways to improve. 

I hope you find this helpful!


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