It’s a new school year!


For most students, the start of the new school year is usually a mix of excitement and dread: excited at the prospect of spending time with classmates again, dread at the upcoming early mornings, homework, tests and all the studying.

My experience as a tutor has taught me that most students have also not done their holiday homework. Heck, most of them haven’t even read their English novels, let alone answer the questions assigned.

What should you do if you’re in this boat? 

My suggestion is always ‘read the novel’

It’s the first (half) week of the school year and you still have time! Sit down, grab a big mug of tea/hot chocolate/coffee and knock out a novel over this weekend. You shouldn’t have any tests or enormous assignments due next week so now is your chance to catch up on that reading. Also, your teacher should’ve told you what your first text is so you know which one to read. Take advantage of this time you’ve got and start 2016 well! 



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