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The importance of planning

I think I speak for most, if not all, English teachers when I say that it’s quite easy to see if a student has planned their text essay. This is because, well, unplanned text essays are (generally) crap. 


I know, I know. Planning takes time. Planning is hard. That may be true, but I can guarantee that planning makes an essay much, much better. 

You see, text essays that are planned have: 

  • a clear contention,
  • clear arguments,
  • arguments that logically belong together,
  • arguments that make sense in the order they appear. 

I usually don’t need to read beyond the first body paragraph to know if the student had a plan when writing. This is because: 

  • there is usually no contention,
  • the ideas ramble all over the place,
  • the arguments don’t follow one another,
  • there’s lots of storytelling. 

So, before you write your next essay, PLAN THE DAMN THING.

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